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Flower Expo Park: 3 Pavilions Certified with Star-rated Green Building Design Logo


On the occasion of unveiling the flower expo park of the 10th China Flower Expo, three permanent buildings "Fuxing Pavilion", "Century Pavilion" and "Bamboo and Rattan Pavilion" have obtained three-star and two-star green building design identification certificates, respectively.


As early as March 2020, Fuxing Pavilion and Century Pavilion have obtained the gold medium-term certificate of WELL (US), and become the first expo building in China to obtain the gold certificate. So far, the three buildings have presented the idea of the ecological expo, embraced all the visitors from all over the world, and realized the green, healthy, low-carbon and energy-saving flower expo.


During the visit, the three buildings bring green experience of perceptible appearance. Combined with its unique facade modeling innovation, the Bamboo and Rattan Pavilion innovatively uses bamboo steel composite materials, 3D printing template and shotcrete construction technology. The Century Pavilion adopts a large-span concrete shell structure, and its earth covered building has inherent advantages of energy saving and thermal insulation. With its magnificent roof shape, the Fuxing Pavilion not only forms the self-shading cornices around the building, but also reduces the solar radiation effectively. Meanwhile, it embodies its building-integrated design with solar photovoltaic modules, which can replace the skylight to realize renewable energy photovoltaic power generation and energy saving operation.

The special environmental design of the three buildings also brings health protection to visitors. The air conditioning and ventilation system is equipped with high efficiency filter devices and activated carbon filters for efficient filtering of indoor air. Meanwhile, the indoor air quality of the project is monitored and released. RO reverse osmosis filtration is adopted for the drinking water stations of the project, which meets the high-quality requirement of the users to drinking water in the pavilions.

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