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2021 Flower Expo: "Eatable Elements" in the Garden


When edible vegetables become a beautiful "landscape", coupled with the careful layout of walls, fences and corridors, a wonderful feeling comes into being. Is such an edible landscape a flower garden or a vegetable garden?


There is a vegetable garden in the north garden of the 10th China Flower Expo. It makes the vegetable garden full of aesthetic feeling and ecological value, instead of simply farming. Stepping into the garden, the corridor with exotic melons and fruits and the colorful vegetable fields on both sides make up a beautiful butterfly, which makes an impression.


The "vegetable garden" is themed the edible landscape of the urban vegetable garden. The exhibitor is the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the designer is Shanghai Seed Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.


In the vegetable garden, you will see the garden sorrel which can cause a stimulating feeling by making the oral muscles taut after a small bite, the diabetics-friendly stevia whose sugar content is 500 times higher than that of sucrose, and the spicy nasturtiums with a pungent taste similar to ginger and garlic.


In order to ensure that all kinds of vegetables in the garden meet the visitors in the best condition during the Flower Expo, the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences has arranged five scientific researchers to work in the garden to accurately control the growth period of all kinds of vegetables and solve the problems that may occur due to different growth habits of all kinds of vegetables at any time.


According to reports, the vegetable garden started construction in October last year. At the beginning of April this year, exhibitors and designers planted vegetables in batches according to different varieties and growth habits. Covering an area of 500 square meters and with edible and ornamental vegetables as the main garden materials, the whole garden composes of six areas, including the three-dimensional vegetable area, the rattan vegetable area, the local vegetable area, the European vegetable area, the tourist experience area and the balcony planting area. In the whole vegetable garden, there are nearly 185 vegetable varieties and 69 kinds of vegetables carefully selected by the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, such as health wild vegetables, edible spices, colorful vegetables and flower vegetables, most of which are independently cultivated by the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences with independent intellectual property rights. In order to control the risk from the provenance, most of the vegetable varieties on display have strong resistance to diseases and pests.


“Edible landscape is a revolution of traditional agriculture, which integrates agriculture and horticulture together. Most of the vegetables on display in the garden are suitable for people to grow at home", Dr. Ma Kun, senior agronomist of the Horticultural Research Institute of the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told that the idle space such as roofs and balconies in cities is very suitable for vegetable cultivation, and it can not only produce fresh vegetables, but also improve the ecological environment. In the past 10 years, the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences has done a lot of work, hoping to promote the edible landscape in the future cities at the exhibition.


"Experience activities will be carried out regularly every day in the park", Ma Kun said that the vegetable garden strives to build a blue ocean of considerable, edible, experiential and popular science education, so that tourists can harvest a healthy and experiential ecological home with both physical and mental cultivation.

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