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Island Style Showed in Hainan Garden


The integration of the local elements and Li ethnic characteristics of Hainan in Hainan Garden of the Flower Expo brings the island style and the sandbeach to Shanghai, attracting many citizens to visit.


The Li Culture totem is on the door frame, the winding water tries to reproduce the sea and sandbeach of Hainan. The boat-shaped house in the garden also has an island charm.


On entering the garden, a huge and colorful tree comes into view, which is the flower of Hainan Province: five sparrow triangle plum. The 100-year-old tree can produce 100,000 flowers every time it blooms. Its flower disc is 2 meters in length, the tree is 3.6 meters in height, the tree's chunk is 86 cm in diameter, and the whole flower coverage area is 28 square meters.


It is learnt that the whole Hainan Garden only adopts the triangle plum. In addition to the largest 100-year-old grafted five sparrow triangle plum, the whole garden uses 50,000 pots of triangle plum in 100 varieties and 116 product types, so as to ensure continuous blooming during the exhibition period and bring the enthusiasm, constancy and tenacity of triangle plum to every visitor.


The garden has both beautiful scenes and stories. There is a deer in the corner. It is related to a beautiful love story of Li ethnic. It is said that a young man of Li ethnic forced the deer to the edge of the cliff when capturing it. At that moment, the deer turned into a beautiful girl with a smile. Then, they fell in love and had a beautiful story.


When we pass through the pavilions and bridges, another historical picture unfolds slowly. The exhibition wall tells the story of Shanghai’s Huang Daopo, who went to Hainan to promote the textile technology in the Southern Song Dynasty.


In ancient times, Huang Daopo went to Hainan to bring cotton yarn. Today, Hainan people return to Shanghai to bring triangle plum. Why don't you come and enjoy the beautiful scenes?

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