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2 Light Shows Staged in Flower Expo Park Every Night


The Flower Expo had unveiled its grand opening. It is learned that during the Flower Expo, citizens and tourists can enjoy not only the night view, but also two light shows.


It is said that at 19:30 and 20:30 every night at the expo from May 21 to July 2, two light shows (7.5 minutes) will be staged at the Fuxing Square of the Flower Expo North Park. Citizens and tourists can enjoy the visual feast.


There are two main forms of the light show. The first is dynamic multimedia images with a total area of 1,400 m2 in the way of projection on two building facades of the A/B Pavilion facing the Fuxing Square; the second is 100 sets of stage lights set at the top of the Fuxing Pavilion to make light column shine in night sky, forming a brilliant visual effect. Synchronized with the light show, 6 professional audio stations will be set to ensure the sound field effect of all sites at the Fuxing Square.


The light show, with the 100th birthday of the CPC as the core, will show the theme of the expo in four chapters: the chapter of flowers in the dream, the chapter of the flower island on the sea, the chapter of the gorgeous flower expo and the chapter of the century-old history.


Among them, the chapter of flowers in dream uses gentle piano music as opening , combing romantic and dreamy tunes with pictures to show dreamy and soft form of flowers; the chapter of the flower island on the sea takes flowers as the guide, combines sound effects of waves and flower sea, and aesthetically shows the beautiful ecological environment of the "flower island on the sea" in Chongming; the chapter of the gorgeous flower expo shows grand and spectacular scene of the Flower Expo by using fast-paced music, together with mascots (Yuanyuan and Mengmeng) of the Flower Expo as the protagonists; In the grand and majestic soundtrack, the chapter of the century-old history presents revolutionary elements to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).  


Mao Cheng, general director and designer of the light show, introduced that twelve 32,000 lumen laser engineering projectors, 100 sets of stage lights and 36 sets of professional audio devices are prepared for the show. Experienced visual director is responsible for script planning, music and video creation, stage lighting, on-site art guidance, program synthesis, etc., in a bid to present a wonderful light performance for citizens and tourists.

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