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Chongming Opens Scenic Spots to Embrace 1st Batch of Tourist Group


With the epidemic control continuously improved, the tourism enterprises in Shanghai have resumed part of the business activities. On March 20, Shanghai Spring International Travel Service (Group) Co., Ltd. firstly organized a total of 154 tourists in 7 tourist groups to visit scenic spots in Chongming, Jiading, Jinshan and others in Shanghai. It is worth mentioning that Chongming Pearl Lake Park is one of the more popular routes, attracting over 40 tourists. It was the first batch of tourist group that visited the park after the opening of Chongming’s scenic spots.


It is learned that Mingzhu Lake Park mainly focuses on suburban ecology and healthy cycling, so the majority of young people come here. Due to the pandemic control, the vehicle vacancy rate of tourist bus is limited to 50%, and the number of people departing on that day was less than the usual size.


On that day, tourists entered the park orderly after the process of temperature test and health QR-code check. With the gusts of spring wind, some rode around the Pearl Lake, and some wandered along the shade path, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the rare pleasant time. A tourist said: "I haven't been out for a long time, and now I can enjoy the beauty of nature." At lunch time, they took out all kinds of prepared food and sat by the lake to enjoy the scenery. Till the dusk, the tourists were reluctant to leave.


More and more scenic spots have been opened to the public while the business of tourist groups in Shanghai is recovering. At present, except 4 closed A-class scenic spots due to upgrading, the other 7 A-class scenic spots in Chongming have all been opened, and 18,823 tourists have visited last weekend. An official of Chongming District Cultural Tourism Bureau said: "I believe that Chongming's tourism industry will return to normal in the near future."

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