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Chongming Plants Vegetables in Paddy Field


Under the premise of solid COVID-19 prevention, it is still urgent to make preparations for ploughing and sowing in spring because crops planting should be the top priority at this time. Thus, Chongming Yaoquan Grain Professional Cooperative has recently planted vegetables in more-than-1,000-mu paddy field.


Wearing masks, the farmers turn soil, ridge soil and sow seeds. "By now, we mainly produce fast-growing leafy vegetables, which will go on market after about 60 days," according to the head of the Cooperative. It is off season of supplying vegetables from March to May every year, so the Cooperative rushes to plant a number of fast-growing vegetables, in order to increase the supply during the Spring Festival and the period of COVID-19 prevention.


Ploughing is advanced in an orderly manner in Chongming, with the planned cultivated land reaching 275,000 mu and the mechanization rate of land reaching 100%. "We focus on large demands for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural materials, continuously increase the inspection of stores, and urge enterprises to implement the systems strictly including purchase and sale accounts, demand for certificates and invoices, and purchase upon real name, in a bid to ensure the safety and efficiency of agricultural supplies."


According to the head of the District Agricultural and Rural Committee, Chongming is strengthening the management of agricultural machinery by overhauling 1,302 large-or-medium-sized tractors, 483 rice trans-planters and 278 hill-drop planters, so as to ensure regular operation of farm machinery and spring ploughing.

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