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Made-in-Chongming LNG Pump Tower Sets a New Record


Going abroad recently, the made-in-Chongming product has obtained an order for LNG ultra-low-temperature gas two-way transmission device (LNG pump tower) from Singapore's Keppel Shipyard, which means that China has achieved a breakthrough of export in this field. The made-in-Chongming product comes from Shanghai Dongding Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (SDSS) that is located in Shanghai Changxing Marine Equipment Industry Park and is the only one in China to produce LNG pump towers.


Commonly known as liquefied natural gas, LNG is compressed into liquid during sea transportation and stored in an environment of -163°C, and the LNG pump tower is the core of it. Ordinary metals in such an ultra-low temperature environment will break due to a light touch, but the LNG pump tower can withstand extreme low temperatures and the impact of navigation, like swaying and inertia and so on. "It's no exaggeration to say that the LNG ship is a super-freezer at sea and a mobile bomb, so it needs to ensure a complete safety without a slight oversight." said Hong Dexin, head of SDSS. One of the production links of LNG pump towers is to weld paper-thin metal into the tens-of-thousands-of-square-meter plane, which allows no leak source on this plane.


"The technology has been in the hands of established shipbuilding companies in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea because of the difficulty in construction, high precision and high-tech barriers." said Hong Dexin. China has started the construction of super LNG ship late. To rely on our own efforts is to make progress. SDSS starts from the research and trial production of low temperature device. Obtaining overseas orders, the LNG pump tower achieves a breakthrough in export of China's LNG core supporting equipment, and marks that China is a part of this industry chain.


"From a global perspective, the demand for natural gas is growing because of the enhancing of environmental protection, and it needs a total amount of about 300 million tons annually, a large part of which needs to be shipped. Therefore, more than 60 LNG carriers and LNG-powered ships have been ordered in the world a year. As the core, more than 200 LNG pump towers will be needed annually because a ship needs 4 ones, presenting a great market demand," said Hong Dexin. SDSS is designing a new LNG supporting workshop plant and focusing on overseas markets while meeting the domestic market.


Moving from Pudong to the Industry Park in November 2018, SDSS works hard on transformation with the support of the Industry Park, and is gradually realizing the dream to switch from land to sea in term of working field, so as to further polish the brand of made in Shanghai and made in Chongming.

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