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Chongming Handwoven Cloth Culture and Art Exhibition Unveiled


Organized by Shanghai Textiles Museum (STM), Shanghai Sanmin Culture and Art Center and Zhengda High School, the Shanghai Chongming Handwoven Cloth Culture and Art Exhibition has been held in STM.


It is divided into five chapters, such as the historical changes, the types, the weaving technology, the charm and the beauty of reconstruction of the handwoven cloth of Chongming. Furthermore, various patterns and detailed introduction of the handwoven cloth access the visitors into a deep understanding of it.


In addition, the Exhibition features the handwoven cloth inheritors showing weaving skills and smooth weaving techniques, and displays unique colors and patterns of the handwoven cloth, thus impressing the visitors solidly.


With a more-than-500-year history, the handwoven cloth has gained its reputation since the Ming and Qing dynasties and reached the greatest reputation in the early century; the handwoven-cloth products are exported to coastal areas, the northeast and even overseas, which is rated as the pillar industry of Chongming at that time.


Chongming has been exploring how to better inherit and promote the culture of handwoven cloth in recent years. Sanmin Center has set up Chongming Handwoven Cloth Pavilion since 2005, which has collected more than 40,000 pieces of handwoven clothes, and held seminars on handwoven-cloth culture and exhibitions on handwoven-cloth techniques. Besides, the handwoven-cloth textile technology was successfully declared and selected in the ICH protection list in Shanghai in 2015.


According to the head of Sanmin Center, the color is the best highlight of the handwoven cloth. With more than 500 different colors, each pattern owns a different story. It is hoped that the exhibition will attract more folk craftsmen and art lovers to participate in the re-creation of renaissance culture of handwoven cloth, in a bid to carry forward the handwoven-cloth technology.


The Exhibition will last till February 28, 2020 and be opened to the public free of charge.


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