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Starting Your “Galloping Cycling Life” at the 1st Cycling Club in Chongming


There is an artistic post “Chongchuang·Yundong” in Huapiao Village, Chenjiazhen Town. It is the 1st cycling club in Chongming with the brand concepts of “Power of A Bicycle” and “More Than Cycling”.

Entering into the club, you would be greeted by the de-structure bicycle sculpture and the “crying and smiling faces” of bicycle parts. And that is the merry-land of Shi Yi, the originator of Chongchuang·Yundong.

Shi Yi: I came back to my hometown to start up a business with bicycle in 2015 and fortunately, I’ve succeeded. What we’ve done is to explore the power of a bicycle.

Chongchuang·Yundong is constituted by 3 sections. The “Life Junction” is to provide cycling lovers with integrated services and consultancy on eating, living, entertaining and shopping; the “Power Zone” is for lectures, where activities and lectures will be regularly held to inject the inner energy; and the “Workshop Laboratory” focuses on sharing aspiring bicycle brands, offers spare parts installing and supply for various cycling events, makes secondary utilization of waste bicycles, and engages in creative re-packing on bicycles.

An interactive bicycle model designed by Tongji University stands in the courtyard of the club. It is named “Sharing Generation” and advocates the ideas of sharing, opening-up and cooperation. The 2 re-packed bicycles are of different styles, showing the ingenuity of the craftsmen.

The club now has 20 bicycle rental points, most around featured home-stays and hotels. Along the cycling route of “Wonder of Breathing Cycling”, cycling lovers would be able to feel the unique landscape of Chongming.

Shi Yi: We’ve connected these points into a cycling route, thus being able to call on local villagers to be the leading cyclist and experience a different Chongming and even boosting employment.

As the construction of Chongming Dongtan Cycling Featured Sports Town is to start, the old schools and textile mills will be renovated into the bicycle-related industries. Chongchuang·Yundong hopes to make use of the power of cycling to allow more people learn about Chongming and take a fancy for it.

Shi Yi: What we’ve done is to encourage more friends to set up cycling farm villages, cycling hotels, or cycling-related home-stays. On the occasion of the China Flower Expo in 2021, we advocate cycling to the Expo while enjoying the good places for eating, living and entertaining along the route.

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