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Chongming Rice Wine’s Innovation Assists the Initial Success of “Shanghai Brand”


The Chongming old rice wine, a featured wine in Shanghai with a history of 700 years, has developed towards inheritance and innovation. The new skills, standards and products developed by Shanghai enterprises have injected new vigor and vitality to Chongming rice wine.

The brewing technology for Chongming rice wine has carried on from generation to generation and new skills have been created in the new era with its traditional features maintained. “We’ve adopted the inherited technology and also combined it with modern bioengineering, thus making the wine richer in rice fragrance.” said Shen Xiuhua, chief of the Product Department of Shanghai Piaoxiang Brewing Co., Ltd.

In the traditional brewing technology, the Chongming old wine was apt to cause headache and hangover, which has reduced its attractiveness to consumers. After repeated research and development, the company has managed to purify the separation skill and solve this problem through modern bioengineering technology and advanced intelligent control technology. As a result, the Chongming rice wine is mellow and richer with rice fragrance without leading to headache or hangover.

As the standards for Chongming rice wine has been newly formulated and its production procedures have been standardized, the Chongming rice wine has embraced a wider market. The formulation of the corporate execution standard on distiller’s yeast has made up for the instability of the quality of the yeasts of Chongming rice wine. Meanwhile, test on invasive organisms and other indexes have been adopted before the use of the yeast. Shanghai Piaoxiang Brewing Co., Ltd. has constructed the standard production plants and executed standard management on the whole production process of Chongming rice wine, under which all workers would handle every link according to standards. Besides, the automatic temperature control equipment will take precise temperature control during the whole process of rice wine production, thus ensuring its quality and safety.

To welcome the 10th China Flower Expo of 2021 in Chongming, the company has developed the rice wine with flower fragrance. It has been developed by making use of affron crocus, rose and osmanthus, without adding any essence or food additives. On the occasion of the convening of the 10th Flower Expo, the traditional Chongming rice wine will re-radiate vitality and assist the initial success of “Shanghai Brand”.

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