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Chongming Crab Deputes at Shanghai Spring Agricultural Products Exhibition


The 2019 Shanghai Spring Agricultural Products Exhibition was held in Shanghai Agriculture Exhibition Center recently. It was hosted by Shanghai Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission and set up a public promotion platform for the first time.

At the promotion platform, the crab products of Shanghai Baodao Crab Co., Ltd. from Chongming made the depute and presented a 40-minute interactive exhibition. In the sand painting demonstration, pieces of beautiful sand paintings have displayed the growing status of the crabs on Chongming Island. In the afterwards foods tasting part, the soft and waxy Chongming rice with fresh crab meat has glutted the mouth of the visitors. And the following Q&A part has enabled citizens to have a further understanding on Chongming crabs. Aunt Wang coming here from East Nanjing Road said, “I would go to Chongming several times a year and would eat Chongming crabs whenever I go there. I’m very pleased to see the promotion activity on Chongming agricultural products at this exhibition. And I’ve bought crab meat for a dish - crab meat steamed egg for the Spring Festival.” Chongming crabs have long been favored by Shanghai citizens and many citizens have been very content that they can enjoy the crabs from Chongming Island without going there across the Yangtze River.

It is worth mentioning that apart from Baodao Crab Co., Ltd., 16 Chongming enterprises, including Shanghai Chongming Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Chongming Baiye Daffodil Cooperative, have taken part in this exhibition, which has realized a direct exchange between Chongming ecological agricultural products and consumers and expanded their popularity and influence.

It is learnt that 300 companies from 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions participated in this exhibition, displaying some 2,500 kinds of products. At the exhibition, experts on agricultural products quality authentication are invited to deliver knowledge on the “3-products and 1-label”. Apart from products exhibition, this exhibition has helped to form a long-term mechanism for the agricultural products communication and set up the cooperation and exchange platforms in various forms for brand establishment.

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