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Dongtan Nature Reserve Wins Chinese Wetland Conservation Model Award


At the opening ceremony of celebration for the World Wetland Day 2019 in China, Shanghai Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve and Haikou Wetland Conservation Administration, Guangdong Haizhu National Wetland Park won the first Chinese Wetland Conservation Model Award, which became one of the highlights of the celebration.

The China Green Foundation carried out the public welfare selection event of the 2018 China Wetland Conservation Model Award in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, in order to actively respond to the national wetland protection and construction, set up a model for wetland protection and construction in the society, call on the whole society to actively pay attention to, participate in and support the public welfare undertakings of and promote the development of national wetland protection and construction. In accordance with the industry recommendation and local declaration and other procedures, the candidate units were selected and voted by experts. Finally, Shanghai Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve, Haikou Wetland Conservation Administration and Guangzhou Haizhu National Wetland Park won the awards. Li Chunliang, Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, presented the trophies for the award winners.
Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Dongtan National Nature Reserve is one of the largest and most typical estuary wetlands in China. It is also an important station for migration routes of migratory birds in the Asia-Pacific region, and an important wintering ground of waterfowls. Upon the approval of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, the Dongtan National Nature Reserve was formally established in November 1998. Approved by the State Council, it was promoted to the National Nature Reserve in July 2005. In the past 20 years, all cadres and workers in the Dongtan National Nature Reserve have firmly grasped the important development opportunities and comprehensively promoted the “ecological management for practical results, breakthroughs in education popularization, to improve the quality of law enforcement and management, and to reach a peak in scientific research”, and made efforts to build a national first-class nature reserve with international influence, in order to protect the beautiful homeland of migratory birds, which has achieved remarkable results. As mentioned in the awards speech at the conference, since its establishment, the Dongtan National Nature Reserve fulfills the commitment to protect birds, and fights the war between human and grass. Dongtan people live away from prosperity for 20 years. They are unswerving to overcome difficulties with great aspirations and courage, stay true to their original intentions, and boldly become the vanguard of natural protection and the ecological restoration pioneers, aiming to explore a path for Dongtan to protect wetlands in Shanghai and even all over the country. In the “White Paper on Ecological Situation of China’s International Important Wetlands” promulgated at the conference on that day, it is pointed out that the spartina alterniflora is the main alien species invading the internationally important wetlands, like ocean and coasts. Chongming Dongtan provides a model for controlling the invasion of spartina alterniflora. And the “White Paper” acknowledged the efforts and achievements of the Dongtan National Nature Reserve in wetland protection again.

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