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Chongming to be Marine Forest and Flower Island


A good ecological environment is the best benefit for people’s livelihood. Taking the path of ecology priority and green development, Chongming has been constructing the world-class ecological island in recent years to provide a sample of Shanghai for China’s green development. With the highest standard in the Chinese flower sector, the 2021 China Flower Expo (CFE) was determined to be held in Chongming last year, which is predicted to attract 3 million visitors. After nearly a year of conscientious survey and careful preparation, the special plans for the CFE area have now been announced to the public. Taking the CFE as an opportunity, Chongming will speed up the construction of marine flower island within the next three years, so as to inject innovative vitality into the construction of world-class ecological island.

Divided into three parts, the total planning area for the CFE is about 10 sq. km. The arable land and dairy farm on the north of Chongming Dongping Forest Park will be transformed into the main exhibition area by 2021. The core area of Dreamy Garden will present the theme of flower blooming for Chinese Dream. The colorful butterfly-shaped pavilion is the Century Pavilion, which will mainly display the rare woody flowers. After the transformation, the Dongping Forest Park will be the forest-park landscape area of the CFE, with plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, magnolia and lotus to require six themed exhibition gardens. The whole CFE Garden will have two supporting service areas in the north and south. The overall planning and design respects the natural texture, and further improves the ecological environment of the whole district while paying attention to maintain the ecology and pastoral features. The forest coverage rate will be increased from about 35% to more than 50%, and the water coverage rate will be increased from about 6% to more than 10%.

According to Huang Mingxing, the planning principal of the preparation working group of the 10th CFE, through the integrated management of the three areas, the self-purification system of water in forest park are greatly upgraded. And the waters will be transparent to be visible at the depth of 70 to 80 centimeters.

Based on its efforts to promote the construction of ecological island, Chongming has the qualification to hold the CFE. Upon such projects as the reduction of industrial lands, land restoration and water pollution control, Chongming’s forest coverage rate has reached 26% and the excellent AQI accounts for 86.3%. Moreover, it is more convenient to get in and out of Chongming Island. Green Chongming is more and more attractive.

Chen Qianqian, a homestay operator, said, “The occupancy rate usually ranges from 30% to 50%. During the holidays or weekends, it is necessary to book a room before two months. I need to expand my business on the occasion of the CFE which will offer the biggest business opportunity.”

In the next three years, Chongming will fuel the construction of transportation and logistics, and increase three land-water lines and five dedicated internal lines, which will make Chongming locals feel better while serving the tourists better.

Chen Qun, head of the office of the preparatory working group of the 10th CFE, said: “I hope that the CFE can help to complete the infrastructure by 2035, which is scheduled by 2021. The ecological employment certainly provides more jobs for common people.”

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