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Grain Paintings “Draw” A New Scenery


Food is the paramount necessity of the people. While eating grain, have you ever thought that it can be used for painting. There is a talent in Qianwei Village of Shuxin Town. Hong Youjin has been engaged as a public cultural resources distribution expert by Chongming, as he creates and teaches grain painting.
Hong Youjin comes from Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province. He creates grain painting with wild crops like millet, wheat, sesame, azuki bean and mug bean instead of paper and pen. Having colored these seeds, he would stick them to an acrylic plate to from various patterns, including such beautiful scenery as the wetland, forest and villages in Chongming, as well as his favorite facial makeup of Peking Opera.
In fact, grain painting can date back to several thousand years ago. At that time, people would choose some crops as tribute of a sacrifice when celebrating harvest, to pray for a good weather and harvest in the next year. In Hong Youjin’s family, every generation before his grandfather has inherited this craft.
“Such a traditional cultural inheritance is not easy.” Hong Youjin said that in ancient times, people used grain painting to pray but his grain paintings are to express the longing for a better life. Chongming, with is good ecological environment, is a good place for grain painting creation. “My wife and I have lived here for 10 years and love the surrounding environment. I’ve got many inspirations from it.” After some research, Hong Youjin has improved the grain painting and managed to make it preserved for a longer time. He has been invited to teach grain painting in schools and enterprises in Chongming and other districts in Shanghai, so as to inherit this craft to more people and create more new scenery in the new era.

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