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Chongming Carries out Science Popularization on Birds Protection


The Chongming District Forest Station has recently joined hands with the staff of the Wild Talk Nature Exploration Studio to launch the science popularization of “entering schools” and “my favorite bird in Shanghai” at Qianshao School, with more than 200 teachers and students participating in the activities.
Zheng Yunxiang, a teacher from East China Normal University, is invited to explain to the participants the knowledge in terms of common birds in Shanghai, birds protection and birds’ characteristics. With lively atmospheres, the participants speak enthusiastically. Subsequently, the vast number of participants watch the video of the achievements of anti-hunting in Chongming for two years in a conscientious manner, which further highlights the whole linkage, co-management and coordination of Chongming to make a joint contribution to birds protection.
At present, the law enforcement personnel continue to strengthen the protection of birds through special rectifications, always maintain the high-handed posture to heavy-attacking and overeating of birds, and create good atmospheres to protect birds.

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