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Crayfish-fended Rice from Chongming Wins Gold Prize


The ecology-biology-chain cultivation model has been improved continuously in the past ten years.
The 2nd National Forum on Development of Rice-fishery Integrated Cultivation Industry in collaboration with the 2018 Rice-fishery Integrated Cultivation Model Innovation Competition and the Evaluation and Promotion of High-quality Rice & Fishery have been recently held in Xuyi, Jiangsu. More than 100 enterprises in the country participate in the competition. The crayfish-fended rice, from Chongming Chunrun Aquaculture Professional Cooperative in Shanghai, wins the gold prize.
The evaluation of high-quality rice and fishery is very strict. Firstly, the evaluated rice will be sent to the Shanghai Grain Science Research Institute and the Analysis and Testing Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to test the heavy metal content and other indexes. The rice will be eliminated if it has been facilitated by chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Then, the on-spot evaluation is carried out. The qualified rice will be cooked on site, and will be anonymously marked by experts. Compared with other evaluated rice kinds, the crayfish-fended rice of Chunrun Cooperative is superior in appearance and taste, so it wins the gold prize.
The crayfish-fended rice is the main brand of Chunrun Cooperative. The reason why it is called crayfish-fended rice is that the rice grows together with crayfishes in a paddy field. In the production process, farmers use no chemical fertilizer or pesticide. The crayfishes regard the paddy field as their habitat, and the rice depends on the crayfishes to eliminate the pests. The ecology-biology-chain cultivation model was founded more than a decade ago by Shen Hong, the principal of Chunrun Cooperative, which is rated as one of the earliest practices to explore the rice production without chemical fertilizer or pesticide in Chongming. The cultivation model focuses on the quality and safety of agricultural products, as well as environmental protection and sustainable use of farmland resources.
After making efforts in years, the Chunrun Cooperative has continuously improved the ecology-biology-chain cultivation model. Some new models, such as rice-shrimp-turtle, rice-frog and rice-eel, have been developed, and the field supermarket has been opened up, which attracts a large number of agricultural practitioners to visit for studying and experiencing. The Chunrun Cooperative increases the area of rice production without chemical fertilizer or pesticide by 300 mu this year, further highlights the brand, and leads the surrounding farmers to increase incomes while keeping the steady development.

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