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Chongming Government Inks Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation with Jiefang Daily


The signing ceremony of framework agreement on strategic cooperation between the Chongming District Government and Jiefang Daily was held in the District Convention Center on December 17. Officials attending the signing ceremony include Li Yun, Chief of the Party Committee and President of Jiefang Daily, Chen Songqing, Deputy Chief of the Party Committee and Chief Editor of Jiefang Daily, Tang Hailong, Chief of the CPC District Committee, Li Zheng, Deputy Chief of the CPC District Committee and District Governor.
Chen Songqing and Li Zheng sign the framework agreement on strategic cooperation on behalf of both sides. According to the agreement, the two sides will establish a strategic partnership, give full play to their own advantages, and work closely together to promote the construction of Chongming world-class ecological island and the promotion of the 10th China Flower Expo (CFE). According to the construction of Chongming world-class ecological island and the overall planning and scheduling of the 10th CFE, the Shanghai Observer · Jiefang Daily will carry out relevant interviews and reports in conjunction with progresses. At the same time, Jiefang Daily will display the achievements of building the Chongming world-class ecological island as well as the preparation and exhibition situation of the 10th CFE in a comprehensive, multi-angle and real-time manner through such publicity means as special editions, and special subjects, as well as the special subjects and live broadcast in Shanghai Observer APP.
Li Yun says in her speech that Chongming has a deep connection with Jiefang Daily, and has a good cooperative relationship for a long time. The construction of the world-class ecological island provides a large number of fresh contents and successful cases for Jiefang Daily. Taking the signing as an opportunity, Jiefang Daily will make good reports on new measures and new experience of constructing Chongming world-class ecological island and the 10th CFE.
In his speech, Tang Hailong expresses warm welcome and heartfelt thanks for the arrival of the principals of Jiefang Daily. According to him, to construct the world-class ecological island is to change a path to forge ahead toward the leapfrogged development, which is rated as an unprecedented pioneering undertaking, and faces new situations, new tasks, and new challenges. Jiefang Daily is the most authoritative mainstream media in Shanghai. It is sincerely expected to inject new thoughts, new ideas and new methods into Chongming’s development through the cooperation between the both sides. At the same time, it is expected to make more people understand Chongming and walk into Chongming with love, and solidly form strong forces to co-construct and share the world-class ecological island with the help of strong communication power and influence of Jiefang Daily.
The signing ceremony is attended by Gong Chaohui, Standing Member and Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC District Committee, Fan Hongyao, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress, Wang Jing, Deputy District Governor, and Yuan Gang, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC District Committee.

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