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New Energy Buses Fully Launched in Chongming


With the new energy bus 445 driven on the island on the afternoon of November 30, the diesel buses driven in Chongming will be completely sifted out this year. A total of 445 new energy buses’ operation contributes to achieving full coverage of new energy buses in Chongming.
Early that morning, the Chongming bus driver Liu Kai, goes downtown with colleagues to drive the new energy buses to Chongming.
“The last batch of new energy buses are finally driven on the island, which is a great event for our company and Chongming.” says Liu Kai. Arriving at the receiving site, Liu is lucky enough to be the driver of bus 445, the last new energy bus to enter the island. Talking about the feeling of driving the new energy bus, Liu, who has been driving diesel buses for more than 20 years, says: “There is no petrol fume. The new energy bus starts fast and produces low noise, which has improved the driving experience a lot.” Produced by SAIC Sunwin Bus Corporation, 51 new energy buses in the last batch enter Chongming. The buses will be put into use after all preparations are completed, in a bid to replace all the diesel buses in Chongming that are still in operation.
For many years, Chongming has been making efforts to build a green bus travel system adapted to the positioning of the world-class ecological island. In January 2012, Chongming Bus Corporation firstly tried to introduce 10 super capacitor vehicles, which opened the prelude of green public transportation on the island. At the end of 2016, 65 new energy buses were put into routes of Chongming’s public transportation. In early 2018, the two islands of Changxing and Hengsha initially achieved to fully utilize the new energy buses. With the complete construction of matched charging piles in all parts of the three islands, the new energy bus needs only 4 hours of charging to meet the one-day operation. In practice, the new energy buses are more comfortable and more popular with passengers.
After taking the lead in completely utilizing the new energy buses among all districts of Shanghai, Chongming has continued to build a green public transportation system. Due to the limitation of battery technology, buses on each Shanghai-Chongming bus line with an average mileage of 400 to 600 km a day can only be replaced by hybrid electric vehicles one after another. Chongming will pay close attention to the development of new energy technologies in the future to further increase new energy buses on the Shanghai-Chongming lines.

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