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Establishment Ceremony of Geography and Eco-environment Education Research Center and Promotion Conference on World-class Eco-environment Education Held in Chongming


Sponsored by the School of Geographic Sciences of East China Normal University (ECNU SGS), and co-organized by the Chongming District Education Bureau (the Bureau) and Chongming District Education College (the College), the establishment ceremony of “Geography and Eco-environment Education Research Center” (the Center) and the promotion conference on world-class eco-environment education (the Conference) were held at the Chongming Ecology Institute (the Institute) in Chenjia Town on November 7, 2018, in order to expand the platform, deepen the research and contribute to the construction of world-class ecological island in Chongming. Officials attending the ceremony included Yao Lichao, Director of the Bureau, Huang Naihua, Deputy Director of the Bureau, Liu Min, Dean of ECNU SGS, Duan Yushan, Chief of the Party Committee of ECNU SGS, Zhang Qi, Associate Professor of ECNU SGS, and Song Linfei, Dean of the College. Including responsible persons of relevant departments and graduate students of ECNU SGS, relevant members of the Institute and responsible persons of base of cooperative project, there were over 50 persons participating in the activity.

Expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the Center, Yao Lichao pointed out that in order to implement the instructions of the CPC Central Committee that “we should pay close attention to the great protection and should not carry out the great development” along the Yangtze River, the educators of Chongming have been committed to improving students’ awareness of environmental protection in recent years with the attention of the District Government, developed the ecological education, and tried to practice the education implementation mode to create the local curriculum system of ecological Chongming. Achieving remarkable results on ecological education, Chongming has been turned into a demonstration area for the overall implementation of ecological education in rural areas of the country. At the same time, Yao put forward two expectations. Firstly, based on the long-term cooperative project between the district’s basic education sector and ECNU, the both sides are expected to share resources and complement each other in order to shoulder the important task of sustainable development of the district’s society and economy as well as the cultivation of talents on ecology. Secondly, it is expected that the district’s education can rely on the scientific research strength of the ECNU SGS to build up the ecological curriculum education system and faculties with international level and Chongming characteristics under the guidance of the national educational project for morality cultivation, thus forming the influential theoretical achievements and practical experience of ecological education in Shanghai, in the whole country and even in the world. Popularizing ecological education and working together, we should contribute to building the Chongming Island into a world-class ecological island.
According to Song Linfei, after 14-year exploration on ecology, Chongming has formed a complete local characteristic curriculum system of “ecological Chongming”, and the related achievements have won awards for educational scientific research achievements at all levels, including the award of basic education curriculum reform and teaching from the Ministry of Education, which has gained a certain popularity in Shanghai and even in other provinces. However, four major problems still exist in Chongming ecological education. Firstly, it lacks a bridge to communicate with ecological research in colleges and universities, which affects the development of ecological education; secondly, it lacks standardization and dynamic renewal of curriculum research system, which affects the cultivation of core literacy; thirdly, it lacks the platform for foreign exchanges, and the ecological education has a light impact on outside the island; fourthly, the local teachers have a lack of conscientious actions, so they can not turn the ecological education into the internal thought. It is hoped that through the establishment of the Center and the help of the think-tank resources of ECNU SGS, the ecological education of Chongming will be accessed into a better development in ways of in-depth guidance of experts and direct participation in ecological research projects as well as high-level communications and discussion with ECNU SGS.
Liu Min expressed a vision for cooperation on such sectors as the subject nature and international development with Micheal Meadows, former Secretary-general of the International Geographical Union, hoping to make use of the unique geographical conditions of Chongming to promote the development of ecological education to build an open, international, innovative and comprehensive research center.
Officials of ECNU SGS and the Bureau joined hands to unveil the nameplate of the Center, and then took a group photo to record the memorable moment for educators of Chongming.
At the subsequent Conference, Duan Yushan made a micro-report entitled “ecological education strategy cooperation between district and university--a review and prospect of co-establishing the world-class ecological education system of Chongming” to review the preliminary work of the ecological education base and to look forward to the future of the ecological education system of Chongming. It is expected to promote the comprehensive reform of ecological education in Chongming and to improve the quality of ecological education. At the Conference, experts of ECNU SGS and teachers from related schools in Chongming carried out the exchange speeches.

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