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Hengsha Wins 2018 Award of Ecological & Livable Town


Focusing on the rural revitalization, the appraisal of the most beautiful villages and towns has recently ushered in its significant awarding ceremony. Upon a wide range of mass media and social participation, the Hengsha Town won the Award of Ecological and livable Town in response to the most beautiful villages or towns of China in 2018 after one-year appraisal.

Among all the villages and towns in Shanghai, Hengsha boasts of the most special geographical location, the most special transportation mode and the least industrial pollution. The forest coverage rate on the island reaches 44.27%, and the ecological forest reaches 13,488 mu, which presents a pure land of original ecology for the future generations of Shanghai.
Hengsha has been running for three consecutive years of the most beautiful towns of China which has given the opportunity for Hengsha promote itself constantly. In recent years, Hengsha has won such honorary titles as the “awards in three consecutive years” on the national civilized villages or towns, the “awards in two consecutive years” on the national health towns, beautiful villages of China, and the 4th batch of national beautiful and livable towns. The platform points the way out for Hengsha to make efforts. In the past years, Hengsha Town has always ranked the top among the towns in the evaluation of public satisfaction of the outside appearance and environment.
With a total area of 51.74 square kilometers, Hengsha is the smallest island among the three islands in Chongming and has been rated as the leading demonstration area of world-class ecological island of Chongming. Hengsha Town will adhere to the concept of scientific development and will seize the opportunity to continuously work hard. It will not make efforts at the expense of destroying environments, or will not take the GDP as the highest pursuit. However, Hengsha will take the improvement of residents’ life and environment as the highest goal, and will figure out the meticulous layout, continuing to build itself into a more livable, beautiful and prosperous island.

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