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National Renowned Regular Script Calligraphers’ Albums Exhibition Unveiled in Chongming


The opening ceremony of the national renowned regular script calligraphers’ albums exhibition has been recently held at the Chongming Tianguang Art Center. Jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Calligraphers Association and the Chongming District Literary and Artistic Federation, the exhibition will last till November 20.

Including Liu Xiaoqing, Yang Yaoyang and Yang Mingchen, 20 members of the Regular Script Professional Committee of the Chinese Calligraphers Association and national famous regular script calligraphers participated in the exhibition. Displaying the works of famous calligraphers such as the ancient literary works, poems and prose, the exhibition attracts many calligraphy learners and enthusiasts. These works are not only faithful to the essence of the traditional regular script, but also have distinct characteristics of the times. At the same time, the works embrace the unique personal quality of calligraphers, presenting a feast of eyes for visitors.
On the same day, Qu Qingwei, one of the exhibitors, attended the opening ceremony, and explained the different styles of the works for visitors.
The exhibition is the first large-scale calligraphy exhibition undertaken by the District Calligraphers Association (DCA). “Chinese character is an important carrier of Chinese culture and a microcosm of the development history of Chinese civilization. The traditional consciousness and artistic conception in Chinese culture turn Chinese calligraphy into an important symbol of traditional Chinese art. The regular script requires upright and foursquare front as well as meticulous strokes. In the long development history of Chinese characters, the upright letters represent the mainstream of the development and evolution of Chinese characters.” Tang Chaoliang, curator of the exhibition and Chairman of the DCA, said that calligraphy is the best representative to carry forward the outstanding traditional culture. It is an unavoidable proposition for calligraphers on how to better protect and inherit the calligraphy.

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