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Why “High-Quality” Becomes Keyword for Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum This Year?


The 7th Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum unveiled at Chongming Island on September 5. This forum, sponsored by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and Chongming District People’s Government, supported by Department of International Cooperation (affiliated to Ministry of Science and Technology), Department of Technology Education (affiliated to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs), UNEP, etc., co-sponsored by Fudan University, etc. and undertaken by the Science and Technology Commission of Chongming District and the Agriculture Commission of Chongming District, invited several experts at home and abroad to offer advice to Chongming District on how to build a world-class eco-island.

Bird’s Eye View of Chongming Yangtze River Bridge, Photo by Cai Yaofang

Since the first Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum opened in 2006, this forum runs once every two years on Chongming Island, and this year, it has been held for the seventh time. As our reporter noticed, with the advancement of development stage of Chongming Island, the forum’s theme and keyword also extends to wider scope every year on the basis of “Green Ecology”. For example, the theme of 2010 is “Low Carbon”. The two forums thereafter both focused on “Green Economy and Sustainable Development”. The forum of 2016 focused on “‘Ecology +’Development Strategy”. The theme this year is “Ecology First, Green Development: Build Chongming into a High-Quality World-Class Eco-Island”, but why “high-quality” becomes the keyword?

This is related to the development stage of Chongming Island. The 7th Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum is the first forum being held since Chongming County became the Chongming District. When the 6th forum unveiled in September 2016, Chongming was still undergoing the legal procedures for becoming a district. Though a working conference had been held in the city for discussing this issue in late July, and Chongming had received an approval from the State Council for becoming a district, the Chongming government was still a “county government” at that time. Neither the district People’s Congress nor the district government and CPPCC district committee was established. Only the district Party Committee has been established. In addition, the important document that leads the construction for Chongming Eco-Island: “The Thirteenth Five Year Planning of the Chongming World-Class Eco-Island”, was released at the end of December 2016. Therefore, the 7th Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum is the first forum since Shanghai announced that “it would concentrate the whole city’s efforts to promote the construction for the Chongming world-class eco-island”.

Forest Oxygen Bar, Photo by Li Jun

With clear direction for construction, readiness of construction power and cohesion of consensus, indeed Chongming has entered a critical phase in history for constructing a world-class eco-island that focuses on “high quality”. As Tang Hailong, Secretary of Chongming District Party Committee, said on the opening ceremony, “We will focus on conservation and construction for ecological environment in an all-round manner, and promote green mode of production and life, e.g. domestic sewage disposal in rural area, classification and quantity reduction of household garbage and comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forest residues. We will also develop modern green agriculture, marine equipment industry, ecological tourism and other emerging industries, achieve development with more connotations and higher quality and build Chongming into a “big garden” for Shanghai and the “central park” for the Yangtze River Delta.”

According to Li Zheng, Governor of Chongming District, Chongming is facing three rare opportunities in history: The opportunity for Shanghai to build a world-class eco-island, the opportunity of implementing the rural revitalization strategy and the opportunity of sponsoring the 2021 China Flower Expo. The keyword, “high-quality”, should not be forgotten in the whole process of grasping these opportunities. “We will build Chongming into a benchmark for ecological conservation in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomerations and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, contribute more ecological service functions to Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, China and the world and become an important base in Shanghai for implementing the rural revitalization strategy. We will also strengthen cooperation with the world and build the 2021 China Flower Expo into a grand event with global influence.”

“Build Chongming into a high-quality world-class eco-island” means that Chongming has passed the stage of filling the gaps in construction resources and began to focus more on key sectors. This change could be observed on the schedule of the forum this year. According to an official of Chongming District, in addition to a keynote report session, the forum this year has 2 sub-forums and 5 thematic forums. The sub-forums focus on two topics: “Nurture an ecosystem that matches world-class eco-island” and “modern urban green agriculture in Chongming, Shanghai”. Comparing with the forums in the past years, the forum this year has more practical and down-to-earth contents. Experts and scholars have high expectations on the forum this year. “Our efforts coincide with our objective of building Chongming into a world-class eco-island.
Chongming District has created development modes and benchmarks for demonstration on several aspects, e.g. innovation on modern agriculture and green agricultural environment governance. These modes and benchmarks have high values of promotion and application. We’re planning to establish cooperative and exchange relationship with higher standard and higher level with Chongming District,” said Zhang Zhongjun, UNFAO Deputy Representative to China and DPRK, on the opening ceremony. One thing is particularly worth to mention. Comparing with “district governor’s advisory sessions” in the past years, the theme of “district governor’s advisory session” this year is quite clear: “Rural Revitalization”. More than 10 entrepreneurs and experts at home and abroad exchanged views on the session.

In the next month, five thematic forums will be held in Chongming for discussing important issues e.g. green transport, health industry and cultural industry while building a world-class eco-island.

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