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Chongming Dragon Boat Festival Season Kicks Off


Dragon boat teams from all villages and towns, commissions and bureaus, and associations in Chongming have presented a competition of skill and strength on the beautiful Mingzhu Lake yesterday morning. And it also marked the start of he World’s Chongming, Our Festival: 2018 Shanghai · Chongming Dragon Boat Festival Season.

Many other activities were also held at the home venue yesterday morning. For example, people from Chongming and Qidong were engaged in a Zongzi-making Friendly Match; the Traditional Chinese Medicine Benefiting People activity was held in Mingzhu Lake Park and experts from Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital took the pulse for citizens and offered health preservation consultancy, health lecture, moxa-moxibustion and other services; and the “World’s Chongming, Beautiful Dragon Boat” photography activity will last throughout the Dragon Boat Season and professional photography lovers will record the customs of Dragon Boat Festival with their unique perspectives.
The “World’s Chongming, Happy Dragon Boat Festival” Carnival will be held during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. The Zongzi-making contest, dragon boat competition, homespun DIY, sachet wearing, perceiving of Dragon Boat culture, and many other interactive activities will be held in Qianwei Village, Sanmin Cultural Village, Gaojiazhuang and Yingdong Village, and visitors and citizens will enjoy a joyous festival.

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