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The 2nd Chongming District Kindergarten Parent-child Activity Held


The 2nd Chongming District Kindergarten “Vying to Be an Expert” Parent-child Activity was lately held in Chongming District School of Education.

This activity focused on “ecology” and presented 16 performances on various topics like garbage classification, energy conservation and emission reduction, and environmental protection. The performances were of diversified forms, including fascinating sitcom and beautiful songs in Chongming dialect, and have vividly demonstrated the ecological civilization construction idea to the audience.
The host said that it aims to allow children to take part in the performance and understand the connotation of ecology through lively activities and thus penetrate this idea to their life style and behaviors.
Next, the host will organize an ecological knowledge contest among middle school students and an ecological research report competition among high school students. “We hope to set up a ‘highland of ecological civilization’ in all schools to spread the idea of ecological civilization and contribute to the construction of a world-class ecological island of Chongming.” said an official.

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