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“Science Show” Makes Children Fall in Love with Science


The “2018 Chongming District Science Show in Schools” was held in Chongming High School on May 30. It was held by Chongming Association for Science and Technology, Chongming District Education Bureau and Shanghai Science & Technology Museum and organized by Chongming District Science & Technology Museum and Youth Activity Center, and more than 1,000 students watched the show.

This Science Show includes “Ability Competition”, “Under Pressure”, “Power of Structure” and many other performances. The commonly-seen phenomena and scientific principles in daily life, such as barometric pressure and dynamics, have been presented to the audience through interesting experiments and interaction. It aims to allow students to further experience scientific approach and spread science ideology and stimulate their interest in studying and using science.

“Wow, that’s fascinating!” Many students said that they have enjoyed excellent science performances and also learned some physical and chemical knowledge, as well as some science scientific principles.

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