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Tour of Chongming Island UCI Women’s World Tour Kicks off, Giorgia Put on the Yellow Shirt


The 2018 Tour of Chongming Island UCI Women’s World Tour kicks off in Chongming, Shanghai on April 26. The competition of the west Chongming section is held on the very day, and Bronzini Giorgia from the US Cylance Pro Cycling is the first to cross the finish line and puts on the yellow-collar cycling shirt.

The west Chongming section is of about 111.5km with two sprint points at 29km and 79.8km respectively and a level-4 climbing point at 54.6km. 18 cycling teams from 16 countries and regions compete here, and they all rank in top of the 2017 competitions in the world.

It is sunny that day with pleasant temperature. Upon the gunshot, all cyclists are of high spirits and keep chasing on each other. A 10-cyclist leading group once appears at the sprint points and climbing point, and it becomes a large group at the point 20km away from the final finish point. Afterwards, a large scale crash disperses the group. The group reforms and maintains till 1km to the finish line where a small crash occurs. And scattered sprint is seen at the finish line.

Giorgia is the first to cross the finish line with the time of 2h38m56s. She puts on the yellow-collar cycling shirt, and gets the green shirt of sprint. Druyts Kelly Louis from the Belgium DOLTCINI - VAN EYCK Sport UCI Women Cycling and Persico Silvia from the Italian VALCAR -PBM win the 2nd and the 3rd.

Giorgia is very exciting and says she and her two teammates have maintained close cooperation and patiently waited for the right time to exceed others, and they finally win the championship.
Giorgia adds that she has come to compete in Chongming several times and feels that the competing teams have presented increasingly better athletic performance, and the competition with the world’s leading cyclists is very challenging and exciting.
The dot shirt for “Climbing King” goes to Garner Lucy from the British Wiggle High5, and Wilaiwan from the Thailand Team puts on the blue shirt for the “Best Individual in Asia”. And the white for the “Best Young Cyclist” belongs to the third winner Silvia.

The cyclists will engage in the east Chongming section on April 27.

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