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Tour of Chongming Island UCI Women’s World Tour 2018 Unveiled


On the evening on April 25, the opening ceremony of Tour of Chongming Island UCI Women’s World Tour 2018 was held at Chongming District Sports Center.

In the past 15 years, Tour of Chongming Island Road Cycling has become another international brand of Chongming Island. It witnessed the history of Chongming to transform into a world-class ecological island. On the opening ceremony, to thank all walks of society for their supports to the contest, the organizing committee presented certificates and trophies to supporters, operators, sponsors and member units of the organizing committee.

The contest is sponsored by UCI, General Administration of Sport of China and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and undertaken by Chinese Cycling Association, Shanghai Municipal Sports Administration and Chongming District People’s Government. As a top-grade professional women’s road cycling, the contest boasts a high standard and a high level of contestant teams, an optimized design of racing tracks, diversified derivative events and abundant atmosphere of publicity. The cycling race on April 26 will be held in the western part of Chongming Island. The total length of racing track is 111.5 km; the cycling race on April 27 will be held in the eastern part of Chongming Island. The total length of racing track is 121.3 km; the race on April 28 is a circum-city cycling race. Each round is 11.5 km. The contestants should cycle for 11 rounds, with a total length of 126.5 km; the total agenda of the 3-day competition is about 359.3 km, and 119.8 km on a daily basis. A total of 18 high-level contestant teams from 16 countries and regions, all in the front rank in the world, will compete with each other intensely on the race.

Officials from the member units of the organizing committee, athletes and coaches attended the opening ceremony. More than 1,500 people, including guests from consulate-generals of various countries in Shanghai and all walks of life in Chongming, watched the opening ceremony. An artistic performance was given on the opening ceremony, showing the local customs and folk culture of Chongming Island.

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