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1st Creative Tourism Products Design Competition Starts Soon


To fully intensify the decisions made by the Shanghai Party Committee and the Shanghai Government on constructing a world-class ecological island in Chongming and promote the intensive integration of creative cultural ideas and tourism economy, Chongming will sponsor its first creative tourism products design competition titled “eco-dream, global creation and sharing”.
Recently, Hu Minghua, Deputy Governor of Chongming District, attended and hosted a conference for making preparation for this competition. On the conference, Chongming Tourism Administration expounded the program for this competition, and other undertakers for this competition, including the Chingming District Economy Commission, the Chongming District Agriculture Commission, Chongming District Culture, Broadcast, Film and Television Administration, the CYL Chongming District Committee and Chongming Industrial Park, discussed what measures should be taken to organize a perfect competition.
This competition, sponsored by Chongming District Tourism Development Leadership Group, aims to solicit creative tourism products from people all over the world. The theme of competition covers three categories: 1) The brand image of Chongming tourism, including logo, slogan and IP image; 2) Souvenirs of Chongming District, creating souvenirs and gifts on various themes, e.g. tourism resources of Chongming, intangible cultural heritage of Chongming and commemorating the 1,400th anniversary of Chongming Island to become a land; 3) Package design for agricultural products: Design packages for three agricultural products of Chongming District: rice, vegetable and Cuiguan Pear, including designing individual packages and combined gift packages for these three products. According to the standards for selection, all entries should closely follow the theme of competition and fully reveal regional feature, creativity, artistic quality, marketability and environmental friendliness. The competition will start from April, complete soliciting entries by the end of June and release the results of final selection.
Next, the organizing committee will make more detailed work programs, strengthen coordination and publicity, enhance the quality of events, and encourage the market to strengthen design, research and development of creative tourism products, and create and promote a tourism image brand of Chongming: a world-class ecological island.

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