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Building A Beautiful Village, Creating Low Value-added Recyclable Materials Transfer Station


With the issuing of “Guidelines on Promoting the Integrated Refuse Disposal in Chongming”, the urban refuse sorting has been fully carried out in Chongming and garbage cans of different colors and marks have been seen in every residential quarter. However, there are some recyclable things in the garbage residents produce every day. If these can be recycled for other use, it would be great for the renovation on ecological environment and for the sustainable development of human beings.
To well cooperate with the government in this work, Chongming District Supply and Marketing Cooperative has been active in exploring the specific scheme to tackle this problem under the support and instruction of relevant functional departments and plans to set up 3 low value-added renewable resources recycling and sorting transfer stations in Xianghua, Xinhe and Miaozhen, respectively in eastern, middle and western Chongming to recycle, categorize, store and transport 5 kinds of renewable things – glass, woods, plastics, cloth and paper. Currently, Wuli Company subordinated to Chongming District Supply and Marketing Cooperative has undertaken the recycling task temporarily before the completion of the transfer stations and gradually explored the operation process to set up a standard recycling transfer system. In addition, it will further optimize the waste pesticide package bottles and bags collecting and disposing system in urban areas and expand the recycling coverage of e-wastes. In 2018, it plans to invest capital for 10 e-waste recycling stations and make advantages of various media in Chongming to strengthen the publicity among citizens and enhance their recognition on this work, thus creating a livable world ecological island with blue sky and green water.

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