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Science Popularization Winter Camp Offers Endless Pleasure in Winter


The 2018 Science Popularization Winter Camp for Students which is hosted by Chongming District Education Bureau and undertaken by Chongming District Youth Activity Center was held in Shanghai Binjiang Resort Center lately. Nearly 80 primary and secondary students in Chongming participated.
The Camp consists of the High School Group and the Primary and Middle School Group. The High School Group focuses on cultivating students’ science paper writing, creation and invention through subject study. During the activity, the teacher will impart the skills of how to choose a subject, how to discover a topic and how to write a report to high school students through such topic as “using both hands and brain to create and invent”. The Primary and Middle School Group aims to enhance students’ learning interests and cultivate their operational ability through educational toy assembling.
It is learnt that the Science Popularization Winter Camp for Students has been held in Chongming for years. Since the establishment of the Chongming Branch of Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Research Center in 2013, two sessions of students subject activity have been launched every year, which has cultivated students’ innovation ability and comprehensive quality while enriching their vocation.

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