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Works Exhibition on Chongming, Jing’an Artists Painting Chongming Held


After over 4 months of careful preparation, the “World Chongming·International Jing’an” Artists Painting Chongming Exhibition, jointly organized by Chongming District CPPCC and Jing’an District CPPCC, was held in Chongming Art Gallery on January 30 after its display in Jing’an District.
The Jing’an District CPPCC and Chongming District CPPCC became the friendly CPPCC on March 2017 and agreed on inviting Jing’an and Chongming artists to paint Chongming to celebrate the convening of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 2018 New Year. 34 artists have created 80 excellent works in several months.
They have eulogized the natural landscape of the pearl on the coast of the East China Sea, demonstrated the humanistic glamour of an ecological Chongming and described the happy life of people there with their ink and brush, showing both the natural charm of the ecological environment and the urban quality of modern and contemporary and appropriately opening up the multi-dimensional space of urban culture.
The Exhibition is held in Chongming Art Gallery from January 30 to February 23.

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