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Introducing Sweden Tourism Resources for Bilateral Cooperation


Lately, Li Zheng, Deputy Party Chief and Governor of Chongming District, and Guo Yabing, Standing Member of the CPC Chongming District Committee and Deputy Governor, met with Peter Alexandersson, CEO of Sweden SOIC Development Co., Ltd. and relevant persons of Goteborg Project. They’ve exchanged views on the cooperation of Goteborg Project and signed a Letter of Intent on jointly constructing the sailing experiencing project in Goteborg.
Li Zheng welcomed Peter Alexandersson and other foreign guests and introduced the history, cultural background and development orientation of Chongming. He said that the cooperation with Sweden is an opportunity embraced under the leadership of the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress and the promotion of the Belt and Road. Chongming is now constructing a world-class ecological island and thus needs to introduce international projects to assist its ecological development. He hoped that the two sides will work together to accelerate the Goteborg Project and strengthen the friendly cooperation by introducing more tourism resources from Goteborg in the future.
Peter Alexandersson said that it will make full use of modern technology and Sweden’s skills in ecological environmental protection to construct the Goteborg Project and promote a win-win situation between two sides.

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