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Chongming Artists’ Oil Paintings, Chinese Paintings and Sketches Exhibition Held at Baozhen


Art comes from life, and paintings should keep up with the time. With the construction of the world-class eco-island advanced continuously in Chongming, many calligraphists and artists have also taken an active part in the process and presented the ecological beauty of Chongming to the people with the brushes in their hands. Recently, the "Ecology Chongming, Splendor of Ink and Colors” - 2017 Chongming District Artists' Oil Paintings, Chinese Paintings and Sketches Exhibition was held at Baozhen Community Cultural Activity Center, providing an opportunity for the residents to appreciate the beauty of ecology.
Carefully organized by the district administration of culture, radio, film and television, the exhibition boasted a total of 86 exhibits, including 32 Chinese paintings and 54 oil paintings. These works not only depict the beautiful scenery of Chongming, but also reflect the artists’ emotional interpretation of and artistic feelings for the scenery and customs in Chongming.

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