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6th Chongming Ecological Strawberry Culture and Arts Festival Kicks off


On the morning of December 23, the 2017 China Chongming 6th Ecological Strawberry Culture and Arts Festival kicked off at Shanghai Jiaridao (holiday island) Farm, Beishuang Village, Gangxi Town
On the opening day, the visitors not only tasted a variety of foods made from strawberry, but also enjoyed an exhibition of calligraphy and paintings on strawberry at the farm.
As a well-known strawberry planting base in Chongming, Shanghai Jiaridao Farm plants 120 mu of strawberries this year. On the basis of the original Japanese varieties of "Hongyan", "Zhangji" and "Snow White", introduced this year were "Taoxun" and "Ningyu", "Yuexin", "Space No. 8", “Yanli” and other new varieties.
It is learnt that the strawberry festival will continue until early May 2018. During the period, the farm will also hold a series of extended activities of the strawberry festival. In the parent-child activities at the bakery of the farm, the visitors can make strawberry jam, strawberry milkshake, strawberry cake and strawberry wine. They can also make strawberry biscuits and strawberry desserts with the strawberries picked by themselves, and participate in the snapshot and other activities.

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