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A Cycling Race Kicks Off At Dongtan, Chongming


The Shanghai Cycling League¡€Chongming Station of the 2017 Shanghai Amateur Sports Games, sponsored by the Shanghai Sports Bureau and the Shanghai Sports Association, undertaken by the Shanghai Chongming Sports Bureau, the Shanghai Cycling Association and the Shanghai Qidian Cycling Development Center and co-organized by Shanghai Industrial Dongtan Investment & Development (Group) Co., Ltd., the Shanghai Chongming Cycling Association and Shanghai Cyclist Culture & Sports Development Co., Ltd., recently opened at Dongtan, Chongming.
Apart from over 300 Chinese cycling enthusiasts, this race also attracted 30 foreign participants from America, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Belgium, UK, Sweden, Spain, France, Holland, Canada, Germany and Singapore. They were divided into five groups: men¡¯s masters, men¡¯s open, men¡¯s challenge, women¡¯s public and team¡¯s time race. The racing route went from Mingci Road/Cirui Road via Lanhai Road to Chongyuan Road and then turned back to Lanhai Road via Yihu Road to Mingci Road, covering 9 kilometers for each circle.
Finally, Li Gaitang, Sven Grundwann and Robert Angus ranked the top three respectively for men¡¯s masters, Regis Robert, Fang Yiquan and Taylor Price for men¡¯s open, Tang Hao, Chen Yilong and Song Riwang for men¡¯s challenge and Chi Zhaoyuan, Song Chunxiao and Jiang Xiaodan for women¡¯s group.

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