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¡°Dialogue with Dongtan Makers¡± Forum Held in Chongming


A few days ago, the ¡°Dialogue with Dongtan Makers¡± Forum and the unveiling ceremony for ¡°Dongtan Makerspace¡± were held at Chenjia Town. Businessmen, experts and leaders of relevant departments shared entrepreneurial experience and answered entrepreneurship policies with entrepreneurs.
For the start-ups, Chenjia Town enjoys unique advantages. With its outstanding location advantages, the construction of the Smart Island Park is in full swing, the phase I project of Shanghai Chongming National Sports Training Base has been roofed and the planning for Chenjia Town featured with sports and tourism has been formed. More and more investors and entrepreneurs have turned their attention to Chenjia Town, whose ¡°Dongtan Makerspace¡± aims to build a platform for the start-ups to integrate regional advantages and resources, carry out cluster development and finally achieve the common goal of ¡°Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Excellence¡±.
Shi Yi of Shanghai Chongyun Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Huang Junlan of Shanghai Lanxin Welfare Institute, Shi Ting of Xinbainong Agricultural By-products Co., Ltd. and other entrepreneurs shared their own entrepreneurial stories. Entrepreneurs said, nostalgia is an important reason of attracting them back to Chongming. They will seize the opportunity of building a world-class ecological island, keep pace with the rapid development of Chenjia Town, give full play to their own advantages and continuously make contribution to their hometown.

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