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500 White-collars Riding Challenge to Kick off in Oct


2017 Shanghai City Amateurish League ¡°Bright Carolmix¡± 500 White-collars Riding Challenge ¨C Dongping Forest Fashion Sports is to be held in Chongming Dongping National Forest Park on October 21. This activity aims at responding to the call of national fitness, enhancing citizen¡¯s physical quality and letting urban white-collars go out of office buildings and get into nature.
It is introduced that the large self-brand IP event 500 White-collars Riding Challenge is created by Xintiandi Fangzheng (Shanghai) Sports Co., Ltd. And over 1,500 white-collars from about 100 enterprises will participate. The whole journey lasts 31km, starting from Gate No. 2 of Dongping National Forest Park, passing Beiyan Highway, Gelonggang Road (Nanba), Changzheng Highway, Dongfeng Highway, Linfeng Highway and Beiyan Highway and finally returning to Dongping Forest Park. The Challenge and the Carnival will be broadcast by LeSports.
The Challenge only accepts registration by enterprise and each team has 5 members. The team score will be subject to the last member reaching the finishing point. Two groups ¨C the Veteran Group and the Popular Group are to be set up according to the riding experience of the team. To encourage more female white-collars to participate, it is stipulated that the final time of a team with female members can be reduced by 10 minutes. There are 3 supply points along the route, where Bright Dairy will offer drinks for the participants. Apart from the Challenge, there will be a fashion sports carnival to present white-collars with excellent interactive programs, including the completion of popular mobile game Arena of Valor, the slow riding competition, the street dance and the BMX performance.
Shanghai City Amateurish League is organized by Shanghai Sports Bureau and Shanghai Sports Federation. The 2017 Shanghai City Amateurish League consists of 10 program leagues, 35 series and 11 featured brand events. As the partner of 2017 Shanghai City Amateurish League, Xintiandi Fangzheng (Shanghai) Sports Co., Ltd. will promote national fitness through cycling. The programs include 500 White-collars Riding Challenge, Cool Children Strider Competition and Beautiful Farm Happing Riding Orienteering. The diversified and systematic bicycle events of different levels will target to different groups in Shanghai, such as the youths, the senior people and foreigners in Shanghai and will attract the participation of bicycle associations of Shanghai universities, government organizations, enterprises and public institutions, and social clubs. The events are to be held in Shanghai Urban Vegetable Garden, Haiwan Forest Park, Shanghai Exhibition Center and other venues successively.

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