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Chongming Forest Tourism Festival to Be Unveiled Thursday, 5 ¡°IPs¡± Turned into Mascots


The Chongming river crab ¡°Haha¡± waving the claws with big round eyes, the smiling Chongming narcissus ¡°Meimei¡± with thumb-up, the flocky Chongming white goat ¡°Yangyang¡± sleeping soundly, the little girl ¡°Qiqi¡± riding in the field with a helmet on her head, and the water bird ¡°Lulu¡± with its wings open to welcome visitors, these 5 major Chongming tourism ¡°IPs¡± have had their cartoon images and become the mascots of Shanghai Chongming Forest Tourism Festival ¨C 1st Farm Pleasure Season.
5 Mascots
The festival is to be unveiled this Thursday and the series activities have begun since early September, which will last till late October. Over 40 celebrating activities, including Dongtan Wetland Camp Festival, Luji Festival and Island Campfire Music Festival, will be held successively. During the Tourism Festival, the host has compiled the ¡°Tourism Passport¡±, joined hands with over 50 Chongming tourism enterprises to launch various special offers on tourism lines, and set up lottery draw and credit and seals gathering activities. The abovementioned 5 mascots are specially designed by Chongming District Tourism Bureau for the 1st Farm Pleasure Season. The Tourism Festival of this year focused on ¡°farm¡± and ¡°pleasure¡±, including 5 sectors ¨C the ¡°food pleasure¡± where one can glut oneself with delicacies, the ¡°accommodation pleasure¡± in Chongming boutique hotels and featured homestays, the ¡°lovely pleasure¡± centering on parents and children, the ¡°leisure pleasure¡± gathering riding and other leisure tourism products, and the ¡°festival pleasure¡± promoting the activities held by enterprises during the festival. These 5 sectors are represented by ¡°Haha¡±, ¡°Yangyang¡±, ¡°Lulu¡±, ¡°Qiqi¡± and ¡°Meimei¡± respectively. And the ¡°Tourism Passport¡± would connect all these activities, with which citizens and visitors can enjoy discounts at relevant scenic spots.
¡°Yimi Bicycle¡± Riding
Chongming is vigorously developing its tourism industry by taking the opportunity of building a ¡°world-class ecological island¡± and it has received nearly 5 million visitors last year. Currently, Chongming is advancing the construction of all-for-one 5A scenic spots and greatly boosting the integration of tourism with modern service industry. And a comprehensive tourism industry system is underway. Yang Lihua, Director of Chongming District Tourism Bureau, said, ¡°Both adopting Chongming tourism ¡®IPs¡¯ as the mascots of the festival and launching the ¡®Tourism Passport¡¯ are to show the charm of ecological tourism in Chongming. We hope to build a leisure space immersed with idyllic rural style and exquisite urban quality where visitors can enjoy a journey of farm pleasure here.¡±

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