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20th Chongming Culture & Arts Festival Kicks off on Sep 21


The 20th Chongming Culture & Arts Festival kicks off on September 21. It is lately learnt from Chongming District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV that the festival of this year offers more activities in novel forms to be participated by a wider range of people.
The theme of the festival is ¡°ecology, sharing, creativity and excellence¡± and the activities cover all cultural pavilions, cultural squares, parks and ecological corridors of different level in Chongming. It is to demonstrate the charm of traditional customs and ecological culture of Chongming and allow the public to appreciate the development results of Chongming public culture and arts.
Inheriting & Protecting Chongming Cultural Tradition
It is learnt that the festival of this year offers most activities in history, a total of 47. Having held the ¡°Gold Jar¡± Chongming Old Wine Makers Competition, it will continue to demonstrate the charm of traditional culture and seek the most beautiful native cloth and the most beautiful weaving girl.
Chongming native cloth, with a history of over 600 years, has been reputed ¡°Best of the World¡± and was included in the List of Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009. In ancient times in Chongming, mothers would include Chongming native cloth in her daughter¡¯s dowry and leave her best wish in it. Now, the native cloth is not as popular as before, but it can still become a fashionable product after creative design which has been favored by the youths.
A Chongming Native Cloth Weaving Competition is to be held during the festival to inherit and protect the weaving skills of Chongming native cloth and to allow more people to learn about its unique charm at a close distance. Besides, there will also be special performance on Chongming native cloth and the Chongming Native Cloth Creative Goods Fair.
The Chongming Folk Song Competition is also worth your attention and people loving Chongming folk songs can get on the stage and chant a melody.
Creating Fine Works of Culture & Arts
Culture is the muscles and bones of a body while creativity is the temperament. The festival is also to create the ¡°ecology + culture & arts¡± that matches Chongming Ecological Island of world class. ¡°Previously, most participants of the festival are elder aunts and uncles. This year, we have attracted the participation of entrepreneurs, artists and youths. Hope that everyone would put heads together to excavate the new highlights of cultural tourism.¡± said relevant person of Chongming District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV.
The Chongming Xisha and Dongtan Excellent Works Exhibition by the famous Chongming calligrapher and painter Ding Guanjia, the Chongming Landscape Painting Exhibition by famous oil painter Tan Genxiong and his students, and the aerial photography exhibition by photographers have all shown the beauty of ecology. In the Chongming Modern Agriculture Park in Zhongxing Town, the paddies planted by the farmers have been turned into a great earth landscape exhibition after the design by artists out of Chongming. The white walls of the folk dwellings on both sides of Qianshu Highway in Shuxin Town have been adopted as the bases to create works on ¡°ecological elements¡±, ¡°folk customs¡±, ¡°rural pleasure¡± and ¡°rural scenery¡± to show the new rural landscape of Chongming.
In addition, young CYL members in Chongming will stimulate the inner impetus of Chongming culture through Youth Art Awards, Youth Performance, Youth¡¯s Nostalgic Collection Exhibition and other youth¡¯s arts activities.
General Public Enjoying Cultural Achievements
The masses are the beneficiary of cultural activities and also the major participants. The festival is to set up a performing platform for each village and town and give full play to the initiative and innovation of local residents, thus helping to give birth to a group of new and excellent works with distinctive cultural features. All the activities, including the ¡°Garbage Classification from You & Me¡± Chongming Original Art Works Selection and Performance, the Xinhe Town Children¡¯s Folk Music Contest, the Shuxin Town Chinese Folk Arts Exchange Performance, the Jianshe Town ¡°Walking on Rural Land¡± Stories Session, the Baozhen Town Shanghai Yangko Tournament and the Miaozhen Town Shanghai Opera Performance, can allow the masses to enjoy the results of culture near their home.
Besides, the festival is to join hand with Shanghai International Arts Festival and the Orient Culture Delivery Center to introduce the Ballet ¡°White Haired Girl¡±, the Child Play ¡°The Wanderings of Little Balazi¡±, the British Chorus Libera¡¯s Concert, the Musical Play ¡°Fatal Coffee¡± and the Modern Dance ¡°Oliver Twist¡±, which will undoubtedly add more ¡°colors¡± to the festival.

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