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Intl Young Sinologists Visit Chongming for Eco-civilization Construction


On September 11, more than 30 outstanding young sinologists from 29 countries including the Philippines, Myanmar, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Britain, Italy, Canada and Argentina came to Chongming to study the construction of ecological civilization.
September 4, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and jointly organized by Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Chinese and Foreign Cultural Exchange Center, the 2017 "Young Sinologist Training Program" Shanghai Workshop kicked off in Shanghai. All the foreign young sinologists joining in the visit to Chongming were the participants in the Shanghai workshop.
The delegation visited Xianqiao Village in Shuxin Town, the District Planning Exhibition Hall, the Dongtan National Birds Nature Reserve and other places. Through the study and inspection, the young sinologists gained a thorough understanding of the new concepts and ideas in ecological construction in the district and expressed admiration for Chongming's achievements in long-term environmental construction.
It is learnt that the "Young Sinologist Training Program" is a global platform to support overseas young sinologists in China studies. It aims to build a platform for the young talents in sinology in different countries to carry out exchanges and cooperation with outstanding academic, cultural and educational institutions, groups, enterprises and scholars in China, so as to jointly advance the development of China studies. Since 2013 the program has been implemented 6 times, and this years program will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an and Zhengzhou, with the studies covering Chinese history, literature, language, economy, politics, society, international relations and other areas.

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