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Gao Fengzhou¡¯s Bamboo-woven Collection Exhibition Opens


Recently, Gao Fengzhou¡¯s Bamboo-woven Collection Exhibition opened at the Jianshe Town Community Cultural Center.
Citizens will find themselves dazzled by various bamboo-woven collections in front of them such as bamboo baskets, screens and fans once entering the hall. Since ancient times, bamboo has always been widely used, and bamboos as well as bamboo-woven wares are closely related to people¡¯s daily life. However, with the changing of the times and social development, many of them are being replaced by modern products and, thus, fading away from our life day by day. Gao Fengzhou, a Chongming-native collector, put his precious collections on display, aiming at drawing people¡¯s attention to traditional bamboo weaving crafts and passing on the bamboo weaving culture of Chongming.
¡°I hope, this exhibition can let people find the charm of Chongming¡¯s traditional indigenous cultures, nurture the awareness of co-building and sharing the green, and eco-friendly environment and conserve and pass on traditional bamboo weaving handicrafts, as they are disappearing today.¡± Gao said.
That day, a lot of citizens were attracted to the exhibition. ¡°Many wares can¡¯t be seen any longer elsewhere. This exhibition reminds me of my childhood.¡± Grandma Cai told.
The exhibition will last till October.

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