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¡°Ecology Talent¡± Parent-Child Show Held in Chongming


Recently, sponsored by the district civilization office, district agriculture commission and district education bureau, the Chongming District parent-child show on everyone striving to be ¡°little ecology protector¡± was held at Fengyingzhou Theatre of the District Cultural Center. The 13 households selected from the auditions participated in the show.
Focusing on the theme of ecology during the show, the parents and their children turned themselves into flowers and plants or fairy small animals or the cartoon characters popular with the children, spreading the concept of protecting the ecology and environment and calling on all of us to be ¡°ecology talents¡± with their wonderful performances.
It is learnt that in order to boost the ecological island construction in Chongming, the district officially launched the local curriculum system development program of "ecological education" in 2004. After over 10 years of development, significant achievements have been made in the construction of the ecology curriculum system at middle and primary schools and kindergartens, the development of the team of teachers and the students quality improvement. Besides the parent-child shows, a wealth of activities will also be organized this year such as the knowledge contests at the middle and primary schools and the demonstrations of lessons. An organizer said that the activities have been designed to make the children and their parents further deepen the awareness of ecological and environmental protection in participating in the events, enhance the consciousness of protecting the nature, and vigorously create a sound social atmosphere for cherishing the environment.

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