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2017 Shanghai Mingzhu Lake Triathlon Race Held in Chongming


The 2017 Shanghai Mingzhu Lake Triathlon Race was held at Mingzhu Lake park in Chongming on June 25. Firing the starting fun for the race on the day were Gong Yaofei, director of Shanghai Chongming District Sport Administration, and Lu Lixin, chairman of Shanghai Chongming Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd.
More than 320 athletes from China, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel and other countries and regions participated in the men¡¯s and women¡¯s full and half races in 9 age groups at the Chongming Mingzhu Lake event. In the end, Sybillain Alexandere from Shanghai Elite Triathlon Club (SETC) was the first to breast the tape with a result of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 28 seconds, and he was also the champion in the men¡¯s full race of the 40-49 age group. Bian Beili, also from the SETC, won the women's full race championship with a result of 02:34:11.
As a C-level event recognized by China Triathlon Sports Association, Shanghai Mingzhu Lake Triathlon Race was sponsored by Shanghai Sports Federation and Shanghai Chongming District People's Government, organized by Shanghai Chongming District Sport Administration, Shanghai Chongming Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Lingyan Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Shanghai Mingzhu Lake Park Management Co., Ltd.
According to the sources, Mingzhu Lake is the island's largest freshwater lake, and is also ??the main area for the western water recreation resort and the western ecological agriculture sightseeing and tourist area that Chongming District plans to develop. Moreover, Shanghai¡¯s first smart track was officially put into use recently in the park. An organizer said that the triathlon race at Mingzhu Lake Park integrates the competitive, entertaining and folk elements, represents a perfect combination of ¡°ecology plus sports¡± and will further improve the professional and market levels of the sports events.  
Chongming, where the event is held, has always been an ideal place for Shanghai residents¡¯ leisure and travel. In accordance with the ¡°Chongming Ecological Island Outline¡±, the island will be built into a paradise for outdoor sports, energetically develop the sport events, and attract more people from outside the island to enjoy sports and leisure in Chongming. A number of projects will be constructed, including the cycling theme park, the water sports base, Dongtan sports town and so on.
Lingyan Sports, one of the organizers, said that it will support the development of sports in China. While gradually improving the level of professionalism, it will take the new development model of ¡°sports plus tourism¡±, with the sports culture promoted and the tourist economy boosted at the same time. It will strive to make the Shanghai Mingzhu Lake Triathlon Race contribute to Shanghai and add a successful case to the sports tourism in Chongming.

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