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Chongming Presents Authentic Dragon Boat Festival Folklore


Just after 3 o¡¯clock on the afternoon of May 30, there were laughter, cheers and drums mixed on the waterfront platform at Chongming New Town Park. The ¡°World¡¯s Chongming, Our Festival¡± 2017 Shanghai Chongming Ecological and Civilized Dragon Boat Festival Celebrations kicked off as various theme activities, such as commemorating sages, paying respect to county sages, dragon-boat racing, dragon and lion dances, chanting classics, wearing sachets and discussions on health, were held to present the authentic dragon boat festival folklore and give the citizens and visitors a unique festival experience.
The event was jointly sponsored by the municipal civilization office and the district civilization committee. Attending the opening ceremony were Pan Min, deputy director of the publicity department of the municipal Party committee and director of the municipal civilization office, Song Hui, deputy director of the municipal civilization office, district Party chief Tang Hailong, deputy district Party chief and acting district governor Li Zheng, other district officials Gong Zhaohui, Hou Yongwen, Zhang Jianying, Wang Jing and Zhang Rong, as well as the officials of the relevant municipal and district departments.
Chongming has long been a beautiful place and home to prominent personages. At the event, Pan and Tang presented the awards to the winners of ¡°Top Ten Good Yingzhou County Sages¡± and the collectives of Good Yingzhou County Sages. The well-known good county sages in Chongming such as Huang Qisheng, Gong Aiping, Zhang Luying and the ¡°Spreading Light¡± medical volunteer team have been working hard and making contributions to the development of the hometown as role models with dedication and virtuous deeds.
In the Part of performances, one hundred people wearing Chinese Han clothes and holding the scepters emotionally recited the poem ¡°Unyielding Poetry Soul" to present the audience with the Chinese classics; the 100-people show of rites and music enabled the audience to feel the ancient and modern civilization and etiquette culture; the children at the youth activity center performed the children¡¯s folk rhymes to demonstrate the traditional culture of Dragon Boat Festival and carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues; the exciting song and dance ¡°Dragon-boat Racing¡± brought the citizens to the scene of racing boats in waters; there were other programs, and the audience were immersed in the excitement and strong festive atmosphere. In addition to the wonderful performances, the experts at Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine took the pulse for the citizens and provided advice on health maintenance at the scene, so as to promote the traditional medicine and the scientific and ecological idea of life.
During the "Dragon Boat Festival" season, various activities were also held in other parts of Chongming. At the ¡°Chongming Homespun Museum¡± in Jiangnan Sanmin Culture Village, all kinds of sachets were displayed and the under the guidance of the instructors, the citizens could make their favorite sachets for themselves; at Gaojia Manor, Xinhonglou Restaurant and other places the activities of making Zongzi (rice dumplings) were organized; Yiqin Garden launched the experience activity of the special food for the festival; just before the festival, the schools and children¡¯s palaces in the rural areas organized the activities for the primary and middle school students to recite the Chinese classics, and the patriotic poet Qu Yuan was commemorated in the affectionate recitation of traditional literary works.

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