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Citizens Have Super Fun in Carnival


The annual cycling event has come as scheduled. While enjoying the world¡¯s high-level event, Chongming citizens have had their own festival ¨C the Bicycle Carnival. From May 4 to 7, the 2017 Chongming Island Bicycle Carnival on ¡°Ecological Chongming, Green Carnival¡± has been held in Xincheng Park, Chengqiao, presenting a carnival feast to all citizens.
Enthusiasm cannot be resisted by rain.
On May 4, the Bicycle Carnival made its debut in advance of the cycling event. Though it was raining and windy that day, citizens were still enthusiastic about it. Citizens in rain cape can be seen everywhere from the Stage Area to the specialties booths. ¡°I came early this morning.¡± Citizen Mr. Xu said that he would come to the Bicycle Carnival with his wife every year. ¡°We both like cycling and will take our child here at weekend.¡±
On May 5, the first day of the cycling event, it got sunny and more visitors have come to the Carnival. At the Passport Sealing Station of Chongming Tourism Consultation Center, citizens have queued in a long line to get a passport, making it an extremely popular site. Many citizens having obtained a ¡°little brochure¡± said, ¡°We can get a little gift when this ¡®passport¡¯ has been sealed with the stamp of each section in the Carnival.¡± In addition, Chongming Tourism Bureau has set up booths for Tourism Consulting, Civilized Tourism Publicity and Quiz with Award, to show the unique ecological tourism lines and products of Chongming. Staffs have given away publicity materials and gifts and made introductions and consultation at site to allow more tourists to learn about Chongming.
The venue of Bicycle Carnival of this year covers an area of about 7,000m2, among which about 1,500m2 is for exhibition. The Exhibition Area is divided into 6 sections for stage performance, featured Chongming products, bicycle culture, import foods of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, specialties and leisure & entertainment. Excellent activities will bring unique pleasant experience to visitors from 09:00 to 20:00 every day during the Carnival.
¡°Amazing. That¡¯s really cool.¡± Funny slow riding competition, sporty performances by street artists, fantastic art performances and other featured programs have all gained great popularity. In ¡°Portal Frame¡± area, bicycle motocross player quickly jumped onto the stage and then ¡°danced¡± with a bicycle. Spinning, jumping, making a double turn in the air¡­ these thrilling and exciting movements have won intermittent applause from the audience.
The Carnival has first introduced bicycle wire walking at heights this year. Over the Landscape Lake, a wire has been set up and acrobats were riding a bike on it calmly and presenting various thrilling movements. The audience stared at every move in the air sometime and applauded and cheered up for the acrobats other time. ¡°Chongming is now running the international cycling very well and has added many wonderful performances and activities.¡± Uncle Lu who was watching the performance said happily. ¡°The Carnival is integrated with eating, drinking, playing and merry-making. Everyone, men or women, old and young, can all find their own interests.¡±
The Bicycle Culture Exhibition Area has also attracted many visitors. ¡°When was the first bicycle produced?¡± ¡°How has it develop in to a world-popular event?¡± ¡°What¡¯s the development history of cycling?¡± At site, relevant publicity boards have shown the development progress of cycling, the knowledge on green cycling and the introduction of each time of the Tour of Chongming Island, allowing citizens and visitors to feel the charm of cycling culture quietly after enjoy the thrilling acrobatic performance and slowing ridding competition.
Meanwhile, integrating with culture has always been one of the highlights of the Bicycle Carnival. This year, Chongming homespun cloths and other programs characterized by distinct local cultural features will appear in the Carnival. Besides, other peculiar folk crafts, like candied haws on a stick, rice carving, sugar painting, cotton candy, sugar-figure blowing, portrait, ocarina, color painting of names, Chinese knot and perfume satchel have also been presented at site.
During the Carnival, citizens have enjoyed themselves both in entertaining and eating. It has been seen at Featured Chongming Products Exhibition Section that mini Chongming cake, toothed burclover baked roll and other local delicacies were dazzling and have made visitors lick their chops. At the booth of ¡°Xilai Farm Village¡±, Ms. Liu was tasting the freshly baked ¡°Rose Cake¡±. She said, ¡°The fragrance of sticky rice and the sweet of roses have been integrated together. It¡¯s delicious.¡± Before leaving the booth, she bought another box of ¡°Rose Cake¡± to bring back to their families. The seller of the booth said, ¡°This is the 2nd time they come to Bicycle Carnival. Citizens are very fond of it and one steamer of cakes would be sold out immediately.¡±
Apart from local delicacies, the booths of Shanghai time-honored brands such as Nanxiang Steamed Bun and Xinchangfa Chestnut in the Specialties Area have also attracted many citizens. The import foods of Shanghai Free Trade Zone have also come to the Carnival and brought many surprises to citizens and visitors, presenting almost everything one could wish for, like beef, cotton, wine, olive oil and leisure snacks.

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