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Chongming Cyclists Achieved Good Results Again


2017 Asian Track Cycling Championships was held in New Delhi, India, on February 2-10. Chinese teams that Chongming cyclists Huangli and Huang Dongyan, and Qin Chenlu and Fan Yang are in won the championship in WomenĄŻs Team Chase and MenĄŻs Team Chase respectively and Huangli also won the second in WomenĄŻs 20km Scoring Cycling.
In the competition, Huang Li and Huang Dongyan, together with teammates Chen Qiaoling, Chen Siyu and Luo Xiaoling, took part in WomenĄŻs Team Chase on behalf of Chinese teams and got the championship with the score of 4ĄŻ28ĄŻĄŻ366; Qin Chenlu, Fan Yang, Xue Saifei and Yuan Zhong took part in MenĄŻs Team Chase and won the 1st with the score of 4ĄŻ1ĄŻĄŻ43.

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