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Cultural Feast on Lantern Festival, Wonderful Activities Waiting for You


The 2017 Lantern Festival is approaching and Chongming District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV has prepared a series of activities for citizens.
The activity of ¡°Golden Chickens Welcome Spring, Street Entertainment Celebrates Lantern Festival¡± will present a feast of folk arts to citizens at 18:00 on the day of Lantern Festival (February 11). At that time, 12 folk items including sugar painting, dough-figure making, Shanghai paper-cutting and ring-throwing will appear at site and interested citizens can come to the Bayi Road Walking Street in Chengqiao Town. ¡°Pen and Ink, Ecological Yingzhou¡± 28th Shanghai 5-District Calligraphy and Painting Gathering on Lantern Festival is to be held in Chongming Art Gallery and Chongming District Library at 13:00 and 17:00 respectively on February 10, in which over 60 calligraphers and painters from Pudong, Songjiang, Yangpu, Hongkou and Chongming will make theme creation. Besides, the Host will invite over 10 calligraphy and painting masters that are well-known across the country to compare notes with calligraphers and painters from 5 districts. After the Gathering, some excellent works will be compiled and published and be exhibited in Chongming from February to March. In addition, 36 New Year couplets written by 19 Chongming calligraphers are now displayed in the New Year Couplets Exhibition on the 1st floor of Chongming Library and the Exhibition will last till February 22.

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