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Investment Guide
Investment Process for Chongming Forest Tourism Park

Chongming Forest Tourism Park, based on Support Measures of “Special Funds for the Development of Islands” in Chongming District, is a tourism development zone that enjoys the special preferential policies for islands.
1. Enterprise registration process
1. Preliminary trial of names (The client provides about 10 primary names for industrial and commercial preliminary trail)
2. The name passed by the trial and confirmed by the client, goes to industrial and commercial approval, and gets The Notice on the Approval of Enterprise Name.
3. Once the client gets the Notice, he can begin capital verification by input registered capital into the enterprise verification account and get the capital verification report.
4. Hand all the materials needed for registering the enterprise to industrial, commercial and tax departments to approve, and get business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate.
5. The client opens a basic account, and gets the bank’s letter of authorization for tax transfer. Then hand the photocopy of account opening permit and the original of the letter of authorization for tax transfer for online declaration.
6. Apply for the notice of tax control training after get the electronic U bar.
7. Apply for purchasing invoices after get the notice of training and the IC card.
2. Time needed for above mentioned processes:
1. Query name: 1-3 days
2. Open the verification account: 1-3 days; Issue capital verification report: 1-3 days after the capital become available.
3. The acceptance and certificate issuance for industrial and commercial, code and tax materials: about 10 working days. After 10 working days, you can get: original and duplicate of business license, original and duplicate of organization code certificate, code IC card, original and duplicate of tax registration certificate, company chop, special financial seal, legal person seal, shareholder seal, and special invoice seal.
Contact Info
Tel: 59338270
Fax: 59338072
Add: No. 2288 Beiyan Road, Chongming Forest Tourism Park
Zip Code: 202177
Shanghai Agency:
Tel: 66056265
Fax: 69692162
Add: No. 8, Lane 270, West Zhijiang Road, Zhabei District
Zip Code: 200070

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