About Chongming
Ecological Island
Homeland of Longevity
International Cycling Race
Area and Population

Chongming District, including Chongming Island, Changxing Island and Hengsha Island, covers an area of 1,411km2. Chongming Island, reputed as “the door of Changjiang” and “Yingzhou in the East China Sea”, is the third largest island in China after Taiwan Island and Hainan Island with a land area of 1,267km2. Changxing Island lies at the south water channel of the Yangtze River outside the Wusongkou and covers a land area of 88 km2. Hengsha Island, with a land area of 56 km2, is the east-most island of the Changjiang estuary. Chongming Island, Changxing Island and Hengsha Island, forming the shape of triangle, constitute the now Chongming Districtof Shanghai, with 16 towns and 2 townships. Chengqiao Town, where the District government is located, is the political, economic and cultural center of the District. The three Islands have a registered population of 688,000 people.

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