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Chongming Eco-Island Construction Outline (2010-2020)——A Supporting System for Chongming Eco-Island Construction

The construction of the Chongming eco-island is a long-term task that needs the efforts of the entire municipality and better mechanisms and systems. Therefore, we will form a feasible, assessable and sustainable supporting system through overall coordination, careful organization and reinforced supporting policies.
1. Operations Management
1.1 We will establish and improve a promotion system to promote overall coordination in Chongming eco-island construction.
We will heighten organizational leadership by establishing a joint conference system composed of relevant authorities led by municipal leaders to coordinate to solve major problems in Chongming eco-island construction.
We will specify responsibilities by establishing a Chongming-District-Government-based accountability mechanism with the cooperation of the project departments.
We will establish an expert advisory group composed of senior specialists from the project-related fields to provide the leading group with technical support and advices as well as encourage and guide all quarters of the society to participate in Chongming eco-island construction.
1.2 We will formulate a three-year action plan to form a sustainable mechanism for rolling development.
We should set the overall objective according to the construction outline with both current and long-term development in mind. We will formulate a three-year action plan for Chongming eco-island construction and apply key measures to specific construction projects in a gradual and orderly manner for rolling development.
1.3 We will establish a monitoring and assessment to enhance performance management in the eco-island construction.
We will build a network system to monitor land use, the quality of water environment, atmospheric environment and acoustic environment etc., and the ecosystems including aquatic ecosystem and wetland ecosystem; carry out systematic and comprehensive evaluation; release the results regularly; and accept the supervision by the masses.
We will build an tracking mechanism to evaluate the land use pattern, water environment and atmospheric environment once a year and soil environment and ecosystem once every three years. In addition, we will include the management performance in the eco-island construction into administrative evaluation system to intensify the responsibility restraint.
1.4 We will encourage cooperation and exchanges for a development pattern of communal participation.
We will mobilize and promote the participation of island enterprises such as Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Industrial Dongtan Investment and Development (Group) Co. Ltd. as an important driving force for Chongming eco-island construction.
We will intensify our cooperation with our neighboring provinces and cities, especially with Jiangsu Province's Qilong district and Haiyong district located on Chongming Island on resources utilization and environmental protection with unified planning and coordinated implementation to promote Chongming eco-island construction.
We will intensify our cooperation with relevant ministries so that Chongming eco-island construction could be included into their special planning and pilot reform projects to seek capital, technology and talent support from the state.
We will intensify international cooperation and exchanges concerning global  eco-island construction by advantages of technological innovation and optimized management to attract organizations, businesses and social groups of the international community to participate in Chongming eco-island construction; and enhance information communications, learn from advanced international experience, reinforce low-carbon technologies' research, development, demonstration and promotion and improve laws and management systems as well.
1.5 We will establish and improve a legal system to press forward with the eco-island construction lawfully.
When implementing the existing laws and rules, we will learn lessons from and study development tendency of international eco-island construction and issue rules, regulations or normative documents concerning Chongming eco-island protection and development based on the objective reality and environment of Shanghai and Chongming Island Construction so as to guide, regulate and supervise the orderly advancement of eco-island construction.
2. Policy support
2.1 We will take a comprehensive control on population to optimize the eco-island's population structure.
We will combine the market, laws, planning and necessary administrative means to promote the sustainable development of Chongming population by positive economic and social policies. We will, with both short-term and long-term objective in mind, keep a stable population, promote synergies in population development within and outside the island, improve the population quality, optimize the population structure and better the population distribution; and combine security enhancement with structure improvement in the face of population aging for the coordinated development of population, economy, society, resources and environment.
2.2 We will perfect the land control policies to make reasonable use of the land resources on the eco-island.
We will protect quality cultivated lands and basic farm lands to push the construction of efficient and ecological agriculture. And we will better protect and properly exploit beaches resources to protect Chongming Yangtze River Delta National Geopark and the nature reserve. Besides, we will take specific measures to control land use, build a spacial system of green ecology, make intensive use of the construction lands, and protect and put the farmlands to rational use.
2.3 We will formulate industrial access policies to establish a green industry system.
We will formulate demanding industrial assess policies and conduct strict screening for the eco-island and gradually weed out the enterprises of high input, high energy consumption, high pollution and poor economic benefits to optimize and adjust the island's industry structure and establish a new green industry system of lower carbon, energy consumption and pollution featured by circular economy.
2.4 We will build a green consumption pattern and advocate a low-carbon lifestyle.
We guide the islanders to set up a green consumption concept and improve and promote policies on green consumption when ensuring the islanders' increasing living standard.
We will encourage a ecological lifestyle, control carbon emission, launch the energy efficient products program for the benefits of the people, further promote energy efficient lighting products and give preferential policies to Chongming in order to lead the country when demonstrating the construction of a low-carbon and conservation-minded society.
2.5 We will broaden channels to improve the mechanism of investment and financing for the eco-island construction.
We will give full play to the leadership function of government investment, make full use of the existing fiscal and tax policies and integrate special funds for Chongming’s development to focus on the key fields in the eco-island construction.
We will balance the municipal policy and capital support for Chongming eco-island, and set up a special fund for Chongming eco-island construction on the basis of deepening the mechanism for ecological compensation for a stable financial mechanism supporting ecological protection, environmental construction projects and work measures.
2.6 We will create a good atmosphere to encourage social participation and supervision.
We will publicize the eco-island construction through public service adverts, readers and training courses by advantage of TV stations, broadcasts, newspapers, the Internet and other media and probe into compiling the codes of conduct for various behavioral agents on the eco-island to facilitate an atmosphere of ecological development advocated by the whole society; encourage enterprises to participate in the public benefit activities of the eco-island construction to enhance the public’s participation enthusiasm and senses of responsibility for the eco-island construction; and hear opinions from the NPC and CPPCC members and advices from people from all walks of life to give full play to the public’s supervision over the eco-island construction.

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